Victorian Business Houses Basketball Association

10 Courts, 11 Grades, Men/Women, Thursday Night, MSAC

About Us

Victorian Business Houses Basketball Association is one of Australia's oldest domestic basketball competitions and has operated for over 60 years at Albert Park and now the Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Center (MSAC). It is designed for business's to enter teams to build a team enviroment in the office. A founding member of Basketball Victoria, VBHBA is still conducting basketball on thursday nights at MSAC. Games comence at 6pm, with grades for all standards, men and women.

Latest News


All fixtures are currently in PDF form. Fixtures will be fully added to the website when team positions are 100% settled. Same goes for ladders.

New Website

Welcome to our new website! Our new website has been in the works for over 18 months. It is currently in its most basic form, however, we have many new features that we'll be implementing over the coming year. Please contact us if you have any issues with the website or if you have a feature request (we're probably already working on it). Enjoy :)

We're Going Cashless

The Victorian Government has introduced “CASHLESS ENTRY” to all Government owned Sporting Facilities (MSAC). (Reason Occupational Health & Safety !!) Whilst this will cause considerable inconvenience & increased costs to MSAC basketball players we are compelled to adhere, and so from next Thursday we will introduce Credit Card “Tap & Go” at the Basketball entrance. Further to the entrance fee Scoresheet fees can also be paid this way. For those unable to comply, cash will also be accepted for the first few weeks. (Might be a good idea to have both for the first week). This will be convenient for many users but comes with an additional 2% fee. We may experience some confusion on Thursday and may take a little longer waiting for the tick of payment approval but we ask for patience as we endeavour to comply with this Government instruction.